New Orleans 2600 Meeting.


The first Friday of each month at 6pm. The next meeting is December 1st, 2023.


Z'otz Coffee House uptown at 8210 Oak Street. Phone: 504-861-2224. We usually fill up the back patio area and sometimes set up a video projector back there.


2600 Meetings exist as a forum for all interested in technology to meet and talk about events in technology-land, learn, and teach. Meetings are open to anyone of any age or level of expertise.


Often with laptops since there's free Wi-Fi. If one of us is ambitious, we might organize a presentation or topic for discussion. But we usually just chill-out and talk shop.

If there is a presentation planned, there's probably a thread about it in the New Orleans Meetings area of the Forums.

How do I hack my poor memory?

  1. Program your calendar to remind you of the first Friday each month. Or, better yet…
  2. Subscribe to the calendar using these links:
  3. Join the Email List to be reminded about meetings and to converse with your fellow Louisiana hackers. Or if you prefer web-based communication…
  4. Bookmark the Forum page or add the Forum RSS Feed to your feedreader.
  5. If you're into Facebook, join the group.

Is New Orleans the only place to meet hackers?

Nope. The folks behind 2600 Magazine started the meeting idea. Check out their meetings happening around the world.

Is there a Hacker Space in New Orleans?

Yes. Gumbo Labs got its space in August of 2009. Come check it out.

Is there a CS program in New Orleans where I can study computer security?

Yes. UNO has an Information Assurance program with some cool hacker professors. Here's a PDF flyer about their program. And here's the main UNO Computer Science page.