Old school communication: LA2600 email list

The LA2600 email list is open to anyone and has a public archive. It's a great way to communicate with the Louisiana Hacker community.

Even Older school communication: con list

The con email list has been around since 1995 or so. It's called the con list because it was originally used to organize Xmas Con: a New Orleans Hacker-con that was held between Christmas and New Years from about 199? thru 200?. Xmas Con was a time when those 504ers living elsewhere came home for the holidays to hang out with the ol' hacker crew (and see the fam and whatnot). Since Xmas Con doesn't happen anymore, the list has become more of a place for old friends to keep in touch. You can't subscribe unless you know someone and there's no public archive. You used to be able to try and subscribe here which would put you in a queue. Then the list admin would add you if someone could vouch for you. But that link is showing a 403 Forbidden error these days...