Who's responsible for this mess?

Design, photography and text of this site by yours truly (Simon Dorfman) with a little (actually, a lot) of help from my friends.

Oooo, sparkly letters.

Dave Cash exhibits mad javascript Kung-Fu skills by hacking together this wicked-cool thing called MagicText during the course of two 2600 meetings (back in March of 2004). It makes sparkly text using only javascript and CSS. Have a look at the source if you're into that kind of thing.

Where did this nice clean look come from?

General look, graphic elements, and CSS stolen from the Kubrick theme.

Those links sure are fancy.

The roll-over links on this site are were written by Stuart Langridge. They're a combination of javascript and CSS that he calls NiceTitles. I stole some CSS improvements from the NiceTitles code found on Michael Heilemann's site.

Danke Schön

Thanks to everyone for sharing their code. Good karma coming your way.